K-13 Insulation

K-13 Thermal Insulation in Texas

Insulating your commercial properties is a great way to keep yourselves comfortable while lowering your electricity bills. An excellent option for achieving these benefits for your building is a professional installation of K-13 thermal insulation in Texas. The team of experienced contractors at Diversified Interiors can assist you in installing K-13 insulation so you can start saving up on your energy costs.

What We Do

With over four decades of experience, our team can easily take on K-13 insulation installation of thermal insulation sprayed on as a ceiling finish. This form of insulation does not require any additional barriers or materials and ensures low levels of heat loss. Compared to other prefabricated insulation options, this offers the most protection against heat transfer.

Our company also recommends the K-13 insulation as an effective acoustic insulator that can be used as a reliable soundproofing option and noise control solution. This stops noise from passing so easily through a structure to help improve communication and lessen the instances of distracting sounds.

The Process

An effective K-13 thermal insulation is spray-applied in a single five-inch-thick layer. By using forced air to push the insulation onto the backing of your structure, the K-13 insulation will fill all the voids, seams, and penetrations that could cause heat loss. This process creates a solid layer that reduces air infiltration to insulate commercial spaces.

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