Specialty Ceilings

First-Rate Specialty Ceilings in Texas

Diversified Interiors is your go-to company for commercial specialty ceilings in Texas. We are a commercial finishing contractor with over four decades of experience in the industry. Our highly skilled professionals carry out our dedication to providing exceptional acoustical ceilings from project initiation to completion. Call us for a job order.

Work with Us

We are renowned in the industry for our extensive history and solid connections. When our experienced commercial subcontractors handle your project, we give it the undivided attention it deserves. Our team collaborates throughout the project with different regional and national general contractors. At the planning stage, we routinely meet with architects and collaborate to determine the project’s requirements and potential cost-saving measures.

Our Works

Diversified Interiors is committed to excellence and quality. This dedication has resulted in our team being hired for various projects, including work for the federal government, state government, county, school districts, municipalities, and private entities. Our work includes installing ceilings for:

Fox Acura of El Paso